About us

About Inland Lakes

Inland Lakes has been harvesting weeds and building harvesters since 1978.

Who We Are

Inland Lakes Corporation dba/Inland Lakes Weed Harvesting Company was founded in 1977 in Bloomfield and Pontiac, MI. We built and acquired new and used harvesters and ancillary equipment, such as shore conveyors, cutters, dump trucks, towing trucks, cranes, tool trucks, fuel trucks, etc. We started this business in order to help reverse the ecological damage to our local lakes  brought about by the usage of  man-made chemicals in lake weeding. We have been successful in helping our community and others by not only harvesting our lakes environmentally but in using the weeds from those harvests in order to help neighboring farms.

What do we do 

Inland Lakes

Inland Lakes

We are an aquatic vegetation harvesting contractor. While we only harvest lakes in Oakland County, MI;  We sell new, used, rehabbed and rebuilt harvesters and shore conveyors to customers all over the world. We also repair other peoples harvesters and shore conveyors. We also do referral of other companies new and used equipment.

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We have been serving our community for years and we look forward to serving you and yours. Please take the time to look at some of the wonderful things that has been written about us.